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The KPI Institute Partners with Globalcerts & Strategy Ltd

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The KPI Institute Partners with Globalcerts & Strategy Ltd

May 19th, Nigeria, The KPI Institute and Globalcerts & Strategy are pleased to announce their partnership to help organizations improve performance with globally tested systems and certifications that are aligned to fit the characteristics of Nigeria`s work environment.

The growing dynamism of the Nigerian economy has necessitated the need for Organizations in the Public and Private Sectors to imbibe the culture of measuring performance. This is a system that ensures employees are held accountable to their day to day performance by aligning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Compensation Systems thereby assuring effective and efficient business environment.

The Partnership between The KPI Institute and Globalcerts & Strategy has made the above a cardinal objective. To this end, the lunch of the first Certified KPI Professional Course in the region is scheduled to run from 16th-18th of August 2017.

The Certified KPI Professional is conceived to cover a rigorous KPI measurement framework and enable professionals to overcome the challenges of KPI selection and data gathering by understanding the best practices in their business environment.

“What does not get measured does not get managed, what does not get managed does not grow, what does not grow will remain stagnant or die”, said Mr. Enahoro Okhae, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Globalcerts & Strategy.

According to Cosmin Chindris, Director – Global Partnerships, The KPI Institute, “having previously worked with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) we know that there is untapped potential in performance management training and advisory in Nigeria and we are pleased to find in Globalcerts and Strategy the right partner to develop the market”.

About Globalcerts & Strategy

Globalcerts & Strategy is an organization co-founded by two highly respected professionals from Nigeria: Mr. Enahoro Okhae, Chief Managing Consultant of Simeon’s Pivot Resources and the President/ Principal Coach of Pause Factory, the training arm of Simeon’s Pivot Resources, and Mr. Lanre Kuponiyi, Vice-Chairman of Brandhouse Communications Limited with Branding/Strategic Design and Promotions as its core.

From Board of Directors to Board of Advisors, the Leadership of GlobalCerts & Strategy sustains more than 60 Years work experience in key economic driving industries which include Human Resource Management, Branding & Marketing, Education, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Maritime, etc.

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