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Enahoro Okhae

Enahoro Okhae is a Co-Founder of GlobalCerts and Strategy Nigeria Ltd. Enahoro is also the Chief Managing Consultant of Simeon’s Pivot Resources, a Human Resource and Management Consulting Company located in Nigeria and the President/ Principal Coach of Pause Factory; The Emotional intelligence Academy which is the training arm of Simeon’s Pivot Resources. He is a Certified Life Coach, a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Licensed Emotional Intelligence Practitioner a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer and a Human Resource Expert and an Author.

As a consultant, Enahoro has conducted numerous business solutions for companies in different sector including Legal, Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurance, etc. He works with both SME and Large Scale Companies. Some of his solutions include Organizational Restructuring, Performance Management, Staff Optimization, Success Planning, Training Interventions etc.  He is passionate about Performance Management and has carried out extensive research o Performance Management in Nigeria he also has several write-ups on Performance Management. Enahoro believes that a combination of Performance Management and Emotional Intelligence is the solution to Africa’s numerous challenges.